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Justina Chiang

Alliance Board and Economic Advisory Council
COO, Nara Organics, New York

Justina Chiang has a deep passion for entrepreneurship, building teams, and driving change. A leader in supply chain operations for more than 20 years, her experience ranges from large corporations to pre-launch start-ups. She got her start at GE Healthcare, where she cut her teeth in supply chain operations, gaining a deep understanding of forecasting, inventory management, and fulfillment (her team was responsible for over $3 billion in revenue). From there, Justina embarked on her start-up journey at Harry’s. As their first operations hire, she put their logistics and forecasting teams and processes in place. Her next stint was at S’well, which was experiencing explosive revenue growth and hired her to put processes in place to make them more efficient.

Justina is currently the COO of Nara Organics, an organic, clean baby food company, currently in the pre-launch stage. They are creating the first organic whole milk, no-palm, no-soy infant formula made in the US and have the long-term goal of sourcing all ingredients from Biodynamic farms and creating the first Biodynamic infant formula.

Justina is committed to educating consumers on the biodynamic food chain and farming practices. Through education, she hopes to create more consumer demand, which, in turn, would make biodynamic farmers more financially efficient. Justina has a Masters and Bachelors of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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