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Agatha Hannah

Development Director

Floyd, Virginia
262-649-9212 x707

Agatha has twenty years of experience in nonprofit leadership, from fundraising and communications to strategy and program development and systems design, all working to advance regenerative agriculture as a means toward economic vitality, social justice, and climate change mitigation. She has a degree in environmental studies – sustainable agriculture. As a farmer, Agatha has the capacity to bridge both worlds and connect with people, be it through soil, sun, or a shared impetus to break down barriers by providing the resources and sharing the story in order to engender support for the solutions that will effect systemic change. She is deeply grateful to live and farm in an intentional community where she can find myself doing anything from moving cows fresh pasture to working in the garden, swimming in the river, and gathering with neighbors for meals. 

What is most inspiring or meaningful to you about biodynamics? While the farm’s purpose is conventionally the quality and quantity of production, one can see through the lens of biodynamics that the higher purpose is to bring about balance and health to the land, the plants, and the animals that comprise the farm organism, while acknowledging and working in harmony with the unseen forces that inhabit the space of the land.

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