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Dr. Jen Noble


Peralta, New Mexico

Dr. Noble recently completed a Ph.D. in Biology with an emphasis on the ecological effects of climate change in a highly stochastic desert ecosystem. Prior to that, she worked on ranches practicing Holistic Resource Management, and she spent five years as an environmental consultant in the coal mines of Wyoming and in Oil and Gas in California. For five visits to India, she cataloged the change in an Indigenous group in response to changes in their physical surroundings due to external pressures (flooding for hydroelectric, agricultural practices, urbanization, and social pressures). She has extensive experience in education, both as a professor and as a high school science teacher, and believes the only road to change is through science/data-backed research disseminated through education. She enjoys giving back to her community, opening people’s eyes to the beauty that surrounds them, as well as anything outside — walking her dogs, her son, and the sandhill cranes flying overhead.

What is most inspiring or meaningful to you about biodynamics?

The possibility of increasing carbon sequestration and mitigating climate change.

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