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Jessica Roberts

Alliance Board (Secretary) and Economic Advisory Council
Co-Director of Certification, Real Organic Project, New York

Jessica fell in love with growing food for her community while working alongside her parents and grandparents in their gardens and orchard, and later through work with market farms in Northwest Pennsylvania. Her farm management experience has included work on Biodynamic farms, and as she prepares to plant gardens and food forest on her newly acquired homestead, she is embracing the impulse to learn more and apply biodynamic practices and principles. Jessica works as the Co-Director of Certification for Real Organic Project, a farmer-led movement that upholds the integrity of organic farming, ensuring that crops are grown in healthy, living soil and animals are raised on pasture. During the growing season, she visits scores of farms. Each one is beautifully unique, but they all have at least one thing in common: they are working to heal the earth through their responsible practice of agriculture.

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