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The Biodynamic Demeter Alliance brings together two of the most established biodynamic organizations in the US – the Biodynamic Association (established in 1938) and Demeter USA (established in 1985) into one cohesive organization. The Alliance connects our nation’s diverse Biodynamic community within a vibrant and progressive organization to serve as a leader in the regenerative agriculture movement and the broader food system. The Alliance is comprised of three spheres: Cultural (providing technical assistance and education and facilitating research), Rights or Certification (holding the integrity of Biodynamic Demeter practices through certification), and Economics (building the market for Biodynamic products and connecting with businesses to increase demand for Biodynamic products). All three spheres are woven together to strengthen the whole toward a rich and mutually-supportive ecosystem.

three intersecting spheres inside of a larger sphere. the smaller circles say, "cultural," "Demeter," and "Economic." The larger sphere is labeled "Biodynamic Demeter Alliance"
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