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The Biodynamic Demeter Alliance offers the following memberships on an automatic billing, monthly or annual basis: Valerian, Nettle, Yarrow, and Dandelion.

All memberships start on the day of payment and are billed monthly or annually until canceled. Cancellation can be done via a link in the membership payment receipt email or via email

Lifetime memberships are handled separately and are a one-time contribution. All previous lifetime memberships will be honored at the White Oak level.

All membership sales are final, refunds will not be issued except in the case of a billing error or technical malfunction. Membership benefits are delivered to all members whose status is New or Current at the time of benefit delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have an existing Biodynamic Association membership?

Your BDA membership will continue until it expires. You will have the opportunity to renew at the new levels once it expires. The Alliance will make a good-faith effort to match the existing member levels to the benefits assigned at the new levels.

How do I cancel my membership?

Please find your original membership receipt from the Biodynamic Demeter Alliance. At the bottom of the receipt, you will see a link for cancellation. If the cancellation link does not work for any reason, please contact and we will assist you by email.

I am a current Demeter licensee. Do I have membership in the Alliance?

Yes, all current Demeter licensees automatically receive membership benefits at the Valerian level. Information about accessing your membership benefits online is available here. Please contact us as if you have any questions.

Can I subscribe to the new Biodynamic Demeter Alliance memberships even if I have an old Biodynamic Association membership?

Yes! Our system can track both of your memberships simultaneously. Renewals will only be possible for the new membership levels.

What happens if I have a failed payment on my monthly membership?

Your card will be attempted to be charged 2 times after initial failure in most situations (once per day after the initial failure). Upon the third failed payment, your membership will be marked as lapsed. To renew, please go to our membership page and renew your membership with your updated card details to resume receiving your member benefits. Alternatively, you may also update your payment details by clicking on the link in your original membership receipt.

Who do I contact for support on my recurring membership payments?

Do you offer one-time payments for annual memberships?

Yes, we now offer Annual memberships!

Can I make a payment via check?

Please contact for instructions about how to pay by check. This is not our preferred way to accept payment as it creates administrative overhead.

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