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Andy Bennett

Certification Services

North Albany, Oregon

Andy earned a B.S. in agriculture from Oregon State University, giving him a good educational foundation. He brings real-life experience from 11 ½ years with Norpac Foods Field Department and 11 ½ years with Stahlbush Island Farms as Field Rep and Crop and IPM Advisor to the Farm Management and owners; inspecting farms since 2001 with the Food Alliance, USDA NOP Organic as a Senior Staff Farm Inspector with Oregon Tilth; and since 2014 as a part-time Certification Staff Inspector and Initial Reviewer with Demeter. He enjoys visiting farms and processor facilities, meeting the growers and their employees, and knowing that these farmers are making the difference of healing our planet through agriculture. Andy lives on three beautiful acres in rural Benton County, Oregon. He has taught an ongoing free tai chi class in Corvallis, Oregon, for the past 26 ½ years; he is a children’s book author; and he has wonderful grandkids and enjoys spending time with my family and friends. 

What is most inspiring or meaningful to you about biodynamics? A most inspiring part of biodynamics is the universal life forces that are all around us, which can manifest themselves in the foods we grow and eat, the air we breath, and the lives that we live.

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