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Rebecca Briggs

Biodynamics Journal Editor

Eugene, Oregon

With a background in law, Rebecca moved from DC to Eugene to pursue an MS degree in environmental studies at the University of Oregon. During this time, she found her passion for food and farming issues while working on Ruby and Amber’s Organic Farm, a small, diverse, horse-powered farm in Dorena, Oregon. She enjoys the challenges and creativity of working with regional, US, and international biodynamic movements; helping to connect the growing community to information and each other; and learning new technologies and skills. She is grateful to live in the beautiful southern Willamette Valley and loves to get out on the trail, spend time discovering ever more about her local landscape and flora and fauna, and expand her culinary horizons.

What is most inspiring or meaningful to you about biodynamics? I’m inspired by the constant striving and evolution inherent in biodynamics, and by the immensity of what we’re all trying to achieve, collectively, in our very diverse ways. 

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