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Sarah Rhynalds

Certification Manager 

Millheim, Pennsylvania

Sarah grew up a farm girl in the heart of Nebraska. After graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in horticulture, her biodynamic journey began while working at Progressive Gardens, where Evan Folds introduced her to the preparations and the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. This was her awakening  moment, as she had finally found a way of life and a way of farming that is all interconnected as she always knew in her heart. Sarah enjoys connecting with new people interested in becoming Demeter certified, helping them make sense of the certification process, and personally connecting with current clients, assisting them all to obtain certification and support the biodynamic movement. She also enjoys seeking out local healthy food, feeding her family as close to home as possible, growing her family’s food in her little biodynamic garden, music, dancing, and spending time with her best-est little buddies, Weaver and Winslow, her 10- and 7-year-old sons! 

What is most inspiring or meaningful to you about biodynamics? She believes with all her heart that our whole world relies on the top 6 inches of soil—and through that small space of soil we will heal the earth through agriculture.

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