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Zachary Krebs


Portland, Oregon
262-649-9212 x703

Zachary Krebs has worked in various roles as a contractor and then as an employee with the Biodynamic Association for 13 years, holding roles in website development, technology management, and human resources. As Co-Director, Zachary is responsible for operations with the goal of continuing the past decade of pivotal work in expanding access to biodynamic information and techniques in the world. Zachary first became interested in biodynamic agriculture while participating with the Red Earth Descendants community garden in Ashland, OR.  Shortly after that he began working with the Association as a website and programming consultant. Alongside this journey into biodynamics, Zachary is a father and a dedicated full-time nerd. He is a graduate of the University of the People’s Health Science program focused on community health, and a graduate of POCA Tech, an acupuncture program focused on increasing healthcare access to underserved populations. At the end of the day, he wants to see human and environmental health increase and hopes to be a positive voice in regenerating our bodies, spirits, and environments for future generations.

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